Harrison Shull 1923-2003
A Man of Achievement.


National Academies Press biography of Harrison Shull authored by Donald McClure and Michael Kasha.
Indiana University bulletin historical overview of the university graduate school including an account of the outstanding increase in research and graduate activities as a result of Harrison Shull's appointment as Dean.

Archival biography of Harrison Shull on the RPI web site.

University of Colorado Boulder press release regarding the death of Harrison Shull.

Indiana University Honors & Awards page.

Association of Indiana University Chemists Newsletter from 1956 announcing the appointment of Harrison Shull as new faculty member.
Wikipedia page regarding the 1951 Shelter Island Conference on Quantum Mechanics that lists Harrison Shull as one of the attendees.
Interview of Per Lowdin regarding early history of Quantum Chemistry that credits Harrison Shull with idea of the Quantum Chemistry Summer School in Uppsala Sweden.

Interview of Giuseppe Del Re that includes reference to the progress made when Harrison Shull came up with the idea for the Quantum Chemistry Program Exchange.

1954 Gugenheim Fellow in Chemistry.

Encylopedia Britannica entry for Harrison Shull's father, George Harrison Shull.